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I am now taking letters/comments/rants/etc. about Jason leaving Metallica and posting them on this site. I will post them in their unedited form, so be sure your thoughts will not be diluted.

If you have any stories related to Jason, pictures that you have taken, etc. that you'd like to see on this site, just send them in!

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Well, I've read all the reviews, interviews and opinions of others... I guess the REAL side of Metallica is coming through... I used to think it was James - vocals, guitar; Kirk - guitar; Jason - bass; Lars - drums. Now, I think it is James - dictator, ego; Kirk - open minded musician; Jason - a true metal musician and much underappreciated musician; Lars - loud mouth dick... First, the whole Napster deal. Hmmm... It is stealing to take your music and distribute it for free... Does anybody remember a little demo tape early in '81-82, called "No Life 'Til Leather"? People distributed it free, without paying the band one dime. However, that band was able to become successful BEFORE being played on the radio or on MTV. And who was that band? Oh, yeah. Metallica. Guess a few million dollars makes for a change in attitude. Now, the shit with Jason. Don't want him to do a solo project? Isn't that James I hear on COC albums, and on the South Park movie? Pot calling the kettle... Anyway, Jason should be able to do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants... I will fully support him in his next band. Hey, perhaps he should rejoin Flotsam and Jetsam... Well, bye for now...

May, 2001

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For those of you who didn't know, Jason recorded 3 songs with Devin Townsend a few years back. These songs are heavy!! Jason does vocals and they are even harsher than what he did live with METALLICA!! ENJOY!!


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