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I am now taking letters/comments/rants/etc. about Jason leaving Metallica and posting them on this site. I will post them in their unedited form, so be sure your thoughts will not be diluted.

If you have any stories related to Jason, pictures that you have taken, etc. that you'd like to see on this site, just send them in!

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I have loved Metallica since I was 8 years old. Jason Newstead was the only bassist I have known to be in Metallica. I know Ron McGovney was first, and of course I know that Cliff Burton was "The" bassist for Metallica from late 1982 - 1986 when the tragedy struck. But Jason Newstead has been with Metallica for the longest time.

Personally, he was a great bassist. He is one of my favorite members of Metallica. (But James Hetfield is still my "All time Favorite".)

Well anyway, I wish I knew what was wrong, I am worried about his leaving the band. He was so happy when he first joined Metallica. He wouldn't give that up for the world unless something was truly wrong. And that scares me..

I just hope that whatever it is, it can be overcome.

I am looking forward to hearing Metallica and their new bassist soon, but that person will not be Jason.

If it is one thing I know about band members and Metallica, no member "replaces" another. When Cliff died, Jason came in, but he was nothing like Cliff, he was Jason. And that made him great. And now that he is leaving, the next to come in, might be good, but he or she will be an individual, and should not be compared to another. That is one thing I love about Metallica, they respect musicians for who they are, as an individual.

I will miss Jason, not only because he was and always will be a Great musician, But I have never got to see Metallica live. Of all the years I have loved Metallica, I could never afford tickets. I never got to see Cliff because his life was taken, and now I will never know what it is like to see Jason perform. I find it unfair, but I blame no one. And I don't criticize people either. I just wish I would have got a chance to see them.

I do intend to see them soon though, because I can not bare the loss of another band member, I especially want to see James & Kirk. I would be so hurt if something were to happen to either of them, And I would have never had a chance to see them. I'm hoping to go to one of their shows if they ever play NYC.

Best wishes go out to Jason Newstead and his family. And the best of luck to Metallica with finding another bassist, and for continuing their musical career. Don't Give up, no matter what!!

Love - (Tiffany Hope - from NYC).

Mar, 2001

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For those of you who didn't know, Jason recorded 3 songs with Devin Townsend a few years back. These songs are heavy!! Jason does vocals and they are even harsher than what he did live with METALLICA!! ENJOY!!


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